About the company


About the company

The company was founded in 2005 in the city of Kharkiv

Today, the company is one of the ten leading suppliers of high-tech equipment.

We offer you:

About the company
  • Technological process management systems

  • Control armature

  • Intelligent positioners

  • Liquid level sensors

  • Pressure regulators

  • Equipment and accessories of control systems

"APM CONTROLS" is an exclusive representative on the territory of Ukraine:

History of Masoneilan fittings:

About the company
In 1882, William Mason invented an automatic reducing valve for steam systems. Today, Masoneilan series fittings provide protection for technological equipment all over the world.

Quality control systems

BHGE Masoneilan series equipment for ACS has gained worldwide recognition for its high quality and reliability. Engineering solutions, including the Masoneilan Type 41005 Gate Valve with Guide Chamber, are part of the Masoneilan valve line, which has been providing our customers with a trouble-free process for more than 100 years.

Modern digital technologies

SVI offers advanced solutions in the field of control and diagnostics for any system where shut-off and regulating valves are used. The contactless positioning technology offered by our company occupies a leading position in the industry. Our equipment is known for its simplicity and reliability of design and is characterized by high technical characteristics when working with fittings and level sensors of the highest priority. The SVI* system and accompanying ValVue* diagnostic software are compatible with all major ECUs and facility management systems.

Service support for customers around the world

The international network of equipment maintenance and repair centers operates 24 hours a day and provides on-site services, provides the supply of protective equipment and the development of equipment maintenance programs.

Work with customers

Global opportunities
BHGE's international network of sales offices, technical centers and production facilities provides support to customers around the world throughout the entire life of the equipment.
On-Site Technical Support Masoneilan International Network of Authorized Repair Centers (MARC*) and on-site maintenance specialists are ready to provide certified technical support, including supply of components from the equipment manufacturer, on-site maintenance, hands-on training of customer personnel and post-installation analysis of working equipment according to the customer's maintenance programs for the most effective use of the equipment.
Maintenance organization services BHGE offers the ValvKeep* program for managing installed equipment and company facilities.
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Diagnostic tools and services

Increasing results

Automated selection of equipment and standard sizes
Resident Engineering Program
Modern technology of automatic control systems and level sensors